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The need. The craving. The wanting.

The soft inviting gurgle draws you in. The smell wafts across the room and permeates everything and invites you to come even closer.

As each hot drip splashes down you can feel yourself getting anxious. You can feel yourself becoming impatient.

Your anticipation rises when you finally reach in. That sound it makes as you pour, the glossy perfect shimmer as you look down. Seems like nothing else in this world.

The culmination of all your effort, all your waiting, all if your senses collide in that last moment when you finally bring it to your lips and taste.

The perfect cup of coffee in the morning.

People seem to be writing a lot about coffee lately (especially this morning). About it’s health properties, how much is too much, is fair trade really fair and whatnot.

Sometimes things can just be over analyzed. Sometimes things simply need to be enjoyed.

In fact, I think I will go enjoy another cup right now.


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