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Sometimes the simplest things in life can give the greatest pleasure.

Growing up, the chances that I’d have a cheeseburger or a pair of chopsticks in my hands were about the same. As a kid of course McDonald’s playland was always a big destination, but, for me, it was always about getting my hands on a burger and fries. (Although sitting on a springy bouncing Fry Kid in the Playland had it’s moments)

I rebember beistifling for breakfast there, looking up at sign and pointing at what I wanted.

It was smiles. And it was free.

I have to say, I’ll take a juicy cheeseburger over a bowl of rice (with some notable exceptions).

piri piri chipotle burger


Makes 6 burgers

500g ground chuck
500g ground sirloin
4 dashes big worschtershire sauce
3 chopped chipotles
3 tsp adobo sauce
3 tbls piri piri
2-3 cloves of garlic, finely minced
2 tsp salt
2 tsp black pepper
(all seasonings approximate!)

some decent buns, I prefer sesame seeded ones (6)
sliced cheddar
bacon, thick sliced, cooked (12)
mayo/relish/ketchup mix etc..

Not a lot of directions. Mix all burger ingredients together and divide into 6. Form mixture in your hands, forming gently into patties.

Press a small divot in the centre of each patty to allow the meat to stay level when cooked.

Sear or grill on one side, flip, and sear or grill until medium-rare to medium. Ttop with sliced cheese 2min before done.

Top with bacon and your favourite fixings.


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