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dribbling down your chin and off your fingers

What more can you describe the perfect cheeseburger with?

Still on the eternal quest for the perfect cheeseburger made at home. A burger wasn’t exactly a staple at home, unless it was ground up, frozen, and shipped to your market freezer about 6months ago. Not to mention the occasional trip to the ubiquitous land of a dancing clown, talking cheeseburgers and a purple monster under those glowing golden rod arches.

I remember the occasional BBQ in the backyard, doused with the chemical char of starter fluid. The rare cookout in the park, meat cooked over an open flame, they all carry the smell of charred smoking fat sizzling on the flame. They scent is a memory trigger, and there’s no better than the smell of charcoal laced with super flammable starter infused into your fatty dripping charred slab of beef.

My latest has been a simple sirloin and chuck burger, with sauteed garlicy Cremini mushrooms, topped with swiss on a toasted bun.

A little Julia Child “American” potato salad (from
Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home) on the side helps- which, I have to say, is some of the best potato salad I’ve ever tasted.



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