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What’s this about?  What could one say about oneself?

Just needed a place to explore writing, ranting, obsessions and hunger.


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  1. Hi Chow down!

    We (on behalf of Slow Food Edmonton) are pleased to announce a hands-on food conference April 30th, 2011: Eat Alberta, A Celebration of Our Local Food Heroes.

    We are asking that as a local food blogger, you consider posting information about this event for Monday, March 14th. We are asking all local food bloggers to do the same, as this is a grassroots organization and conference, and we felt that the best way to reach our intended audience was through local food bloggers as your audience is our intended audience.

    As we are so passionate about the local food opportunities our city provides as well as acutely aware that food expertise (in a variety of forms) lies within each of our neighbourhoods. This is our first Eat Alberta conference of what we hope to be many that will celebrate such local food heroes.

    This is a DIY conference! Some of the hands on sessions include:
    • Sausage making
    • Cheese making demonstration
    • Apple pie and pastry making
    • Bread making
    • Pasta making

    Tasting sessions include:
    • Fruit wine tasting
    • Honey tasting
    • Coffee tasting
    • Canadian wine and cheese pairing
    • Goat Cheese Tasting

    We are asking everyone to sign up at out website: to receive conference updates.

    There will also be an opening and closing key note session (urban gardening and urban homesteading)

    What the day looks like:
    8:30am to 5pm
    Continental Breakfast followed by the morning Key Note
    Two morning break out sessions from 8 choices
    A charcuterie and cheese Tasting lunch with artisan breads
    Two afternoon break out sessions from 8 choices
    Closing session followed by a wine down

    Please feel free to ask questions and direct them to me. We would love to see a total BLOG OUT!
    Warm and sincere thanks for your consideration of this request.

    Valerie Lugonja: A Canadian Foodie
    Conference Chair

    Conference Members and Founders:
    Sherene Khaw: Brulee Blog,
    Allan Suddaby: Button Soup
    Sharon Yeo: Only Here for the Food,
    Mack D. Male: MasterMaq,

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