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(From Slow Food Edmonton)

We are pleased to announce a hands-on food conference April 30th, 2011: Eat Alberta, A Celebration of Our Local Food Heroes.

As we are so passionate about the local food opportunities our city provides as well as acutely aware that food expertise (in a variety of forms) lies within each of our neighbourhoods. This is our first Eat Alberta conference of what we hope to be many that will celebrate such local food heroes.

This is a DIY conference! Some of the hands on sessions include:
• Sausage making
• Cheese making demonstration
• Apple pie and pastry making
• Bread making
• Pasta making

Tasting sessions include:
• Fruit wine tasting
• Honey tasting
• Coffee tasting
• Canadian wine and cheese pairing
• Goat Cheese Tasting

We are asking everyone to sign up at out website: to receive conference updates.

There will also be an opening and closing key note session (urban gardening and urban homesteading)

What the day looks like:
8:30am to 5pm
Continental Breakfast followed by the morning Key Note
Two morning break out sessions from 8 choices
A charcuterie and cheese Tasting lunch with artisan breads
Two afternoon break out sessions from 8 choices
Closing session followed by a wine down

For more information, contact Valerie Lugonja: A Canadian Foodie

We would love to see a total BLOG OUT!

Valerie Lugonja: A Canadian Foodie
Conference Chair

Conference Members and Founders:
Sherene Khaw: Brulee Blog
Allan Suddaby: Button Soup
Sharon Yeo: Only Here for the Food
Mack D. Male: MasterMaq


“How many peppers would you like?

How many can I have?

A little quiz show before dinner when you order the order the “Hunan” Kung Pao at Earl’s Tin Palace.

After going back and forth with the waitress, I went for the “7 peppers out of 10” level.

Spicy? A mild kick. Flavours? The only thing I could really taste was soy and an overwhelming taste of ginger. Chicken, actually quite well prepared. Noodles, rather limp and flaccid tho. Which is fine I suppose, if that’s all you’re looking for.

Personally, I think I’ll stick to the scotch:
(neat, water back)






It really was a dark and stormy night when we walked into Sage at the River Cree Resort and Casino. The first big storm of the summer had just hit, and we needed refuge and nourishment after being run off the course.

After being seated promptly by the fireplace, we started with drink, a nice cold pint of Rickard’s white, followed by some very lovely wine. A Cedar Creek Reserve 2004 (for a very respectable $39)

Snacks were up next, we decided on the fresh oysters on the half shell with a “trio of accoutrements”. The first two mystery “accoutrements” were just tabasco and the other seafood sauce.

The last was actually the most interesting. A mild sweet vinegar (sherry I think) with a tiny bit of sauteed shallots. Very good.

The oysters were indeed fresh, and did actually seem to have come in the previous night.

The perfect ingredients were letdown by the sloppy shucking job, leaving tiny shards of shell in every oyster I had. Sad.

The other appetizer we had was the Charred Tuna Tower, with mango, avocado, and citrus. The “tower” was just the standard short stubby O-ring, so it didn’t really tower much. Very good though.

A Glendronach 12yr old scotch was ordered, and then onto dinner.

I broke down and went with the night’s feature, the Surf n Turf. A filet mignon stuffed with crab, topped with a lobster tail, and served with roasted vegetables and truffle mashed potatoes.

THe steak was cooked very well, but you might as well stuff it with gold, since the stuffing was so bland and lost. The lobster tail was sweet, fresh, if rather small.

The truffle mashed potatoes were more of a literal smear across the plate. Disappointing, when it was built up so much.

Overall, I felt pretty disappointed with the entree. Especially when the dish was $55!

The funniest moment came when a friend, who had ordered Steak Frites, had the waitress come over and offer him “red sauce”.

I could tell the waitress was gritting her teeth, and you would too if your manager made you offer people “red sauce” instead of “ketchup”!

Hilarious. (and really pretentious)

All in all, the entire meal was quite a let down. Maybe it would have been better if the original chef David Cruz hadn’t left.